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What is a PEO?

An organization that provides the management and administration of the human resources and employer risk of its clients. A Professional Employers Organization, or PEO, becomes a co-employer to your employees. Your PEO takes on the job of handling your payroll and employee taxes. It provides your employees with benefits while assuming risk management, Workers Compensation, and labor law compliance.

How Does the PEO Services Arrangement Work?

In the PEO arrangement, work site employee and client company relationship, there exists a co-employment relationship and responsibilities with the worker. The PEO and client company contractually delegate some and share other traditional employer responsibilities and liabilities. The PEO assumes responsibility and liability for risk management, personal management, human resource compliance, and payroll and employee tax compliance. The client company manages product development and production, marketing, sales, and service. Essentially, the PEO manages the business of employees, while the client runs their business and their employees' specific job functions. The PEO establishes an employment relationship with the work site employee and provides a complete human resource and employee benefit package.

The Role of a PEO

Today's business world is full of complexities, as new employment laws and more stringent compliance regulations demand greater attention from company officers and administrators. This is especially true of the Restaurant, Nightclub and Hospitality industries. As one of the industry's only PEO's specializing in the Restaurant, Night Club and Hospitality arena, Venue Management Systems is committed to helping our clients attract and retain quality employees by offering competitive benefit programs, including health, dental and life insurance, retirement savings plans, and responsive human resource services.


Our clients are able to once again focus on their Restaurant, Night Club and Hospitality initiatives. The face of these industries has significantly changed in the last ten years, and continues to do so. VMS understands those changes, and helps its clients function more effectively amidst and ever-changing industry. Attract quality employees with industry-competitive benefits, such as health, dental and life insurance, and 401(k) plans. Retain those employees with responsive human resource services, accurate and timely payroll processing, and workplace safety compliance. We assume liability on wage and tax laws, retirement plan regulations and state and federal compliance issues.