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The Employee Leasing Concept

Employee leasing eliminates the hassle of doing business without relinquishing any of the control! As the work site employer, you retain absolute control of hiring, laying-off, pay rates, and more. Because of the volume of companies under our umbrella, employers sometimes find that they can offer their employees benefits that would not be accessible without employee leasing. This makes the employee happy, and thus increases productivity and moral.

As the administrative employer, we assume the responsibility for payroll, payroll taxes, disability coverage, regulatory compliance, Workers Compensation, unemployment, general liability, safety and risk management, human resources, and employee benefits administration.

Your Company Will Do The Following:

Manage the work environment

Continue to recruit and hire employees

Set wage and salary levels

Select benefit programs best suited to your company (if any)

Determine hours worked and distributes paychecks to employees.

You retain complete management control of employees, while we take care of the non-productive paperwork.

The Leasing Company Will be Responsible For:

Payroll input and processing

Direct Deposits

Payroll audited prior to processing by personnel

Interim payrolls at no additional cost

Custom payroll reports for clients accounting personnel

State and Federal payroll taxes paid with filings

Payroll delivered to client on due date

Same day final payroll checks & check replacement at no additional cost

No additional fee for change in payroll or employees

Complete customized employment forms i.e. Applications, I-9's, W-4's

Full time access to a professional in-house Human Resources consultant

Outside access to a Human Resources consultant

Workers compensation claims administration and review

Liability claims administration

participation in year end workers comp audit

Medical benefits administration and claims processing

Medical benefits for all employees at no additional cost to client

OSHA training on a regular schedule (ex. two times a year)

ABC (Alcohol Beverage Commission) LEAD program training

Nightclub security staff training three times a year

California Guard Card classes and certification

Restaurant safety training by outside vendor on a regular schedule

Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination and discrimination training to all managers and employees on a regular schedule

Complete comprehensive Criminal and Work Comp Background Investigations

401K administration (if any)

24 Hour access to VMS management personnel

Unemployment insurance claims administered and processed

Disability claims administered and processed

EPLI claims administered and processed

Lawsuits and Legal claims administered and processed

Labor attorney access for legal questions concerning Human Resources issues

Spotter Service and Grief Counseling